Twin Synth Press Kit


Developer: Joe Chatfield

Founding date: March 17th 2014


Press / Business contact: joechatfield[at]

Twitter: @Joe_Chatfield

Previous releases: bit.Beat, break.Beat, Mind OVR Matter

Location: Preston, UK

Boilerplate: Joe is an independent developer who left a lucrative career in philosophy to make games in 2014. He also loves scifi & making music.

Twin Synth

Release date: Oct 15th 2018

Platform: PC

Regular Price: USD 19.99, GBP 15.49, EUR 16.79

Steam Store Page:


Twin Synth is part game, part groovebox. It’s part twin-stick shooter, part synthesizer.

Feel the beat in this action-packed & rhythmic twin-stick shooter where two guns are better than one. Use the unique momentum-based movement to synthesize a symphony of sound while you play or delve deep into the custom ‘synth section’ at any time to craft your own soundtrack.

The only game that let’s you literally create the soundtrack while you play – no audio samples are used in the game at all (all sounds are generated at runtime) and so the player has full control over what they hear.


Twin Synth is the result of two long-term projects coming together and a lot of work in my spare time:

In March 2015, I started work on Accessories Sold Separately, a 2D metroidvania inspired by classics in the genre. I wanted to realise something that I’d wanted to do since I was a kid playing video games on the Master System: control the two guns/arms of the character independently. Though the game was ultimately put on hold, another aspect of the game stuck around in my mind too: a set of upgrades that forced the player to defy gravity; floating in the air & moving only through the use of the two gun’s recoil.

At the same time, I’ve long been enamoured by the idea of bottling up the fun & creativity experienced while playing with grooveboxes, synthesizers & sequencers into a video game. I wanted to make a music game that wasn’t a rhythm game & that allowed for creativity. This led to numerous attempts to build my own synthesizers & sequencers and integrate them into a game engine. After many failed attempts and much frustration, I stumbled across Matt Tytel’s Helm, a synthesizer that is already integrated into Unity3D. This saved me a great deal of time and enabled me to focus on integrating gameplay with unique music-creation mechanisms.

After a change of perspective and a whole lot of tinkering during my spare time, the retro-inspired musical oddity that is Twin Synth was starting to take shape and investor & producer Chris Watkins joined forces with me to work towards full release. This enabled me to go full-time on the project at the end of July 2018. Twin Synth was announced the same month.


  • Unique control mechanics: shoot two guns at once. More guns, more fun.
  • Unique movement mechanics: move only through your recoil – be careful where you shoot.
  • Endlessly addictive arcade gameplay – master your technique & show off for style points.
  • The unique ‘Synth Section’, accessible at any time, allows you to change any of the game’s sounds on-the-fly – craft your own soundtrack or perform for your friends.
  • Various gamemodes to cater to how you want to play. Fast paced & challenging. Or safe & relaxing?
  • Local co-op: play every gamemode with a friend by splitting the controls in half – each player controls one gun.
  • Awesome retro visuals doing things they shouldn’t.
  • Unlock game-changing upgrades to change how you play and craft your favourite build.
  • Unlock new visual skins & sets of sounds to tinker with in the synth section.
  • Infinite replayability, high scores, achievements, challenges & all the good stuff.
  • 16 synth channels with dedicated sequencers, volume sliders, and mute & solo buttons.
  • Cross modulation.
  • Waveform selection.
  • Oscillator transposition.
  • Master FX (Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Stutter).



Joe Chatfield – Developer

Chris Watkins – Producer