MOVRM Press Kit


Developer: Joe Chatfield – based in Preston, UK

Release date: May 22 2017

Platform: PC (HTC Vive required)

Regular Price: USD 4.99, GBP 3.99, EUR 4.99


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Inspired by popular sci-fi movies, Mind OVR Matter gives you the power to control objects with your mind. This power must, however, be honed through dedicated training.

This place is all you know. The power is all you crave.

Seemingly trapped, all that matters now is growing your power.

Learn to throw cars. Learn to throw your self. Learn to use your mind anew.


Created by a single independent developer (Joe Chatfield), Mind OVR Matter was born out of excitement when he first tried on his newly purchased Vive in April 2016. He immediately dropped all projects he was currently working on (something he had sworn not to do) so that he could focus on this new emergent tech. “I felt like a kid again and so it felt natural to make something that I would have wanted back then. Telekinesis was always my superpower of choice.”

A passion project by definition, the game’s budget was negligible. However, MOVRM has now been significantly polished and improved since originally launching in Early Access on June 21 2016.


  • Use intuitive motions and gestures to control your powers.
  • Unlock and master new powers.
  • Throw yourself using a unique full-range locomotion method (optional).
  • Test your skills against a variety of enemy types.
  • Fight a boss who shares your power.
  • 5 unique modes available (with additional locomotion variations).
  • Wield a lightblade in your off-hand for close-range action.
  • Catch bullets and rockets so you can throw them back at stupid robots.
  • Throw loads of cars around using your mind.
  • You have superpowers.
  • You have freaking superpowers.




About the developer

I’ve been learning to code and make games since March 2014 (my background is in philosophy and libraries) and I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding pastime. I’ve been lucky enough to be working on games full-time since August 2016 and would very much like to continue doing so in the future.

I really, really like sci-fi movies.


Joe Chatfield – I done made a game.

Vikki – For putting up with me.