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  Me1128    Joe Chatfield (Me)

My background is in linguistic philosophy and libraries but I started learning to code and absorbing myself in game design in March 2014. I am still very much a novice but learn more every day.

I’ve released a VR game about training telekinetic powers for the HTC Vive (Mind OVR Matter), two free music-based arcade games on the iPhone (bit.Beat and break.Beat), and am currently working on new projects in VR (as well as a game called A.S.S.). I’ve also worked with Alientrap on Modbox for the HTC Vive.

I love sci-fi (robots are cool), making music and economical design that strips away the unnecessary. Hopefully these things will be reflected in my games someday.

I use Unity, code in C# and consider myself a ‘jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none’ (especially art – I suck at art).

I’m always looking to improve and so any and all criticism/feedback is welcome.

Thanks for dropping by.

Robots Will Destroy Us.


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