MOVRM launching out of Early Access!!

Inspired by popular sci-fi movies, Mind OVR Matter gives you the power to control objects with your mind. This power must, however, be honed through dedicated training.

This place is all you know. The power is all you crave.

Seemingly trapped, all that matters now is growing your power.

Learn to throw cars. Learn to throw your self. Learn to use your mind anew.

OK, so I’ve been neglecting this website. There, I admit it.

I’ll be back to talk about future projects soon but for now, lets discuss the important changes:

Force VR is now called Mind OVR Matter due to rather obvious potential legal complications to anyone familiar with Lightblade VR; I’ve polished the game to an almost unrecognisable degree; and most importantly…

It’s about to launch out of early access!!

The final list of features:

  • Use intuitive motions and gestures to control your powers.
  • Unlock and master new powers.
  • Throw yourself using a unique full-range locomotion method (optional).
  • Test your skills against a variety of enemy types.
  • Fight a boss who shares your power.
  • 5 unique modes available (with additional locomotion variations).
  • Wield a lightblade in your off-hand for close-range action.
  • Catch bullets and rockets so you can throw them back at stupid robots.
  • Throw loads of cars around using your mind.
  • You have superpowers.
  • You have freaking superpowers.

Here’s the launch trailer:

I’m planning on a small price increase on launch (probably from £1.99/$2.99 to £3.99/$4.99) to reflect the increase in content, as well as to reward the early supporters of the game. This has always been my intention and is the main reason the price was so low to begin with.

I’ll still be supporting MOVRM and possibly even add more content down the line (1.0 is not the end) but feel the game is now at a point where it can be considered an accurate portrayal of the final product as no major changes are planned.

If all goes to plan then version 1.0 of MOVRM will launch on 22nd May but the new content will appear in the beta branch in the next few days for anyone that wants to try out the new stuff ahead of launch (or get in before the price rises).

Instructions: Access beta by right-clicking the game in Steam, selecting ‘Properties’, followed by the ‘BETAS’ tab, and then selecting the appropriate branch named “beta – Unreleased Content”. This content may be pushed to the main branch some time before launch, in which case the beta branch will be deleted.

Thanks again to everyone who supported the game,


P.S. Click here to go to the Steam store page.


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