Force VR: Release Date & Store Page Live!

Force VR is (almost) here!

This is a link to the store page for Force VR:

And here’s the trailer:

I know I could have done better with the overall presentation, but also much worse given the time I had to make it.

We’ll just have to make a better trailer once we hit 1.0 🙂

It’s been a surreal few weeks getting all of this ready for launch. After mentally and physically preparing to submit a game to greenlight for years now, I rushed straight passed it and am now days away from launching my first game on Steam.

A VR game.

VR exists.

My inner child still can’t quite get over the how giddy that makes me feel.

Very excited. Very nervous.

I will do my best to make everyone who buys Force VR happy with it and turn it into something we’re all proud of in the months to come. I can’t wait to see what suggestions the community comes up with and how they will react to my new ideas 🙂

Thanks to everyone who has supported this,

I really am making this for you

(you, and the fact that superpowers are really, really cool).


PS. I’ll try to do one of those dev-blog YouTube videos if I get a chance in the next few days. Got a few rough edges to smooth out here and there for the final build though so we’ll see. If not, I’ll definitely get one out shortly after release.


Force VR release date: June 21st.

Force VR price: £1.99 ($2.99).

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