Heading Full Force into VR

Quickly: If you’re coming from r/Vive then I have to say what a fantastic couple of months it has been being a part of such a wonderful community. You have provided me with many laughs and a lot of shipping information. Your posts are often genuinely inspiring. VR and your community are what get me up on the days where I don’t want to get up. This game is for all you lovely people.

So, I’ve also been busy doing other things recently.

Mainly playing with and making prototypes for my lovely new HTC Vive. I am absolutely enamoured with the thing. Valve really have outdone themselves.

I’ve made four prototypes so far (I think it arrived May 5th and I only booted it up in Unity two weeks later) but one has come along so well and so quickly that I’m currently in the process of trying to get it onto Steam.

Force VR is an arcade-style game in the vein of Space Pirate Trainer where you defeat waves of Drones.

But you have Telekinesis.

You can stop bullets with your hands; throw out a force wave around yourself; eventually control dozens of objects at once with the wave of your hand:


Hold The Trigger the grab an object, Release to throw
Hold The Trigger the grab an object, Release to throw. Objects will continue to be under you influence after they have left your hand.
Press the trigger on both hands to grab all objects near you. Objects are randomy ‘assigned’ to a hand, however. Use in emergencies or to grab many objects quickly.
Use the Grips in the same way to throw yourself (Stationary Mode also available for motion-sickness sufferrers)
Use the Grips in the same way to throw yourself (Stationary Mode also available for motion-sickness sufferers) and press the Touchpad to ‘detach’ all objects from the relevant hand.
Experiment with your new powers in the ‘playground’ mode.

As I said, early stages yet but I’m having so much fun with it that I want to upload it to Steam ASAP.

There are 3 game modes so far:

  1. Survival (Stationary) – Waves of drones will attack the player and the game will end after 3 hits have been taken. Bonus points are awarded for destroying drones quickly and with fewer objects ‘assigned’ to a hand.
  2. Survival (Mobile) – Similar to (1), however the player can throw themselves as well as other objects by using the Grips. (Possible Motion Sickness).
  3. Playground – A ‘no-danger’ zone where you can relax and experiment with your new powers. Such toys so far include various player-controlled object launchers, structures to destroy and a ‘no-gravity’ button.

I’m also working on a couple of ‘Time’ based modes similar to the survival ones.

I’m looking at putting it up for somewhere in the range of £2 so let me know if you this is something you would want or not.

I’ll do a full post soon with more details on the mechanics of the game but needed to share something before I went to get food and bed. Couldn’t wait another day 🙂

I might also show the other 3 ‘failed’ prototypes that came out of the past few weeks because I think there’s some redeeming, if not just funny, content there too.

Thanks again for reading,



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