Changing my Precious A.S.S.

So, it’s been far too long since I updated this website at all.

That is partially due to some things in real life but mainly due my inability to deal with hitting a wall in the development of A.S.S. that has proven particularly troubling (at least to me).

Part of the vision for the core gameplay loop of A.S.S. was ‘exploration’. It became apparent to me during development of A.S.S. that this is something that is extremely difficult to achieve in the ‘metroidvania’ sense that I was striving for without a heavy reliance upon the visual artwork of the game.

Even for something as functional as navigation, the artwork would be what provided the player with an internal map of memorable landmarks. And my skills sadly do not lie in the visual arts.

However I have, through this learning experience, learnt which parts of game development I can use reliably to create a more coherent product. And so it pains part of me to say that I will be changing A.S.S. but excited to see what becomes of it.

I was always intending to keep an iterative approach to game development but it would seem that I fell for the two most common mistakes a first-time dev makes: dreaming way too big and not knowing when to walk away.

So, I’m not walking away from A.S.S. but it will become more of an arcade-style shooter that focusses on the combat elements of the game while still giving the player various body parts and weapons to buy and experiment with so that they can create their own playstyles.

I feel the game will ultimately be a better product for being a more focussed one. Though maybe one day I’ll make that exploration game…

Oh, and here’s a quick gif of the little robot guy transforming into a few of his new body parts while I’m here:


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