Metroidvania Gameplay Mechanics 5: All Mobility-Based Body Parts Completed!

The Metroidvania-Shmup Indie Game is starting to look and feel like a Metroidvania-Shmup Indie Game 🙂

So I’ve finally finished all of the mobility-based body parts for the little robot you’ll be controlling which means I can make a start on the finalised level design.

Before I begin doing that though, I thought it about time to run over some of the body parts and weapons that we’ve got in the game so far (I’m sorry to people with low-bandwidths; there are many GIFs below):

Exploration & Mobility:

The default jump for reference.
Jumping with reverse-joint legs equipped.
Jetpack ascends while jump is held.
The anti-gravity torso (no graphic here) allows the player to be propelled by bullets. Can be tricky to control.
The full-flight torso (also no graphic) enables a more traditional shmup control using the left analog stick. Note the right arm pointing in the direction travelled.
Spider legs allow the player to walk on walls. They also spread out when falling (no animation here) to slow the descent.
Hands can also help mobility. The rope attachment can be combined with the reverse-joint legs for extra speed.
Body Parts can also help exploration in other ways. The scanner head illuminates secret platforms and approaching enemies in the darker areas of the game.
Combining body parts is where the real fun happens. Here we have spider legs, the jetpack torso and the scanner head along with a couple of SMGs.
Combining body parts is where the real fun happens. Here we have spider legs, the jetpack torso and the scanner head along with a couple of SMGs.

Although animations are missing for many of them, these basic movement mechanics are enough to base the level design on. I also made some new guns 🙂 Excitingly, they don’t have new sprites or animations either.

Weapons and Offensive Body Parts:

The shotgun can fire twice before needing time to reload.
The magnum pistol can kill these drones in 1 hit but the firerate is slow and it has to reload after 6 continuous shots. Also deadly accurate.
Good ol’ SMGs have a high firerate but low accuracy and damage output.






The first subweapon: Homing Missiles. Only one allowed on screen at a time, these deal reasonable damage but take time to reach their target and can’t always be relied upon due to their flawed pathfinding and large turning circle.
The cleverly named ‘Big Arms’ double weapon damage and bullet size but decrease movement speed and jump height. For when pure power is required.
The shield can absorb enemy bullets and spit them back as one big one.
Quick glimpse of a shotgun/SMG combo against some enemies with their A.I. turned on this time.

Obviously, there are still a lot of weapons to add (as well as a few more body parts) but as all of the things that affect the player’s movement are now in the game I can get to work on the level design. I will probably revisit the visual designs of these body parts and weapons (or at least the ones that already have sprites) at a later date so they probably won’t look like this in the finished game but it is the functionality that is important to me at the moment.

Hope you like the direction we’re heading in,

Thanks for reading,

Robots Will Destroy You.

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